Copyright Registration

Whether you are creating for fun or looking to make a living from royalties, we recommend that you file a copyright registration soon after publishing your work. Registering your work helps establish that you are the owner and deters would-be thieves. Your work must also be registered before you can sue anyone for making unauthorized copies. You also have to register your work either soon after publication or before unauthorized copying occurs if you want to recover the statutory damages of up to $150,000 per work infringed.

For $149 plus the filing fee, we will promptly complete your US copyright registration for you. The legal fee is less than $149 per copyright if you file multiple applications at once or complete additional applications in the future.

Once we have the necessary information from you, we will promptly complete the copyright registration online at the US Copyright Office's eCO website.

After the work has been registered online, the only thing left is to send your work to the Copyright Office. If your work exists only electronically, we can upload a copy of your work online for you. If your work exists in a physical form, you can mail two copies of your work to the Copyright Office using a shipping slip we send you.

Once the Copyright Office processes your registration, you will receive your Certificate of Registration in the mail.

We are available for a free call to discuss your copyright application.